It’s that time of year again!

It’s that time of year again, soon the kids will be begging for a swimming pool…..

While fun for small children, serious hazards are associated with portable swimming pools, including inflatable pools.

In some ways inflatable pool can be more dangerous than bigger pools:

  • they are readily available in most discount stores
  • they are relatively cheap to buy
  • quickly assembled and fast to fill

All this is done in excitement without a lot of forethought about safety issues.

If inflatable pools are capable of being filled to a depth of 300mm or more they must also be protected by a compliant swimming pool safety barrier designed, installed and maintained to comply with the relevant legislation.

Fencing involves isolating the pool from the dwelling with a compliant and well maintained barrier with a minimum effective fence height of 1200mm.  The gate must self close and self-latch from any position.

A nonclimbable zone extends 900mm on the outside and 300mm on the inside of the pool fence. Any climbable vegetation, barbeques, pot plants, tables, chairs, storage boxes, etc within this NCZ must be removed.

For peace of mind and to comply with current legislation the pool owner is required to have any new pool barrier inspected and passed as compliant by a Building Certifier or a Pool Safety Inspector.

All pools are required to have a current ANZCOR Guideline 8 CPR sign clearly visible.

Parents need to take the risks of these pools very seriously- even if the pool is small.

Fence your inflatable swimming pool – drowning can be swift, it can be silent but it can also be preventable.